Marine Order for Research and Action through Environmental Stewardship


MORAES is a marine research organization located in Miami, FL founded with the intent to inspire, promote, and RETAIN local marine ecologists and engage in cutting-edge scientific research aimed at understanding, improving, and protecting our South Florida marine resources through collaborative community involvement and stewardship.




On-going Projects and Initatives at MORAES 

We are currently underway to begin numerous projects here at MORAES, including habitat restoration, citizen science-based data collection, and marine debris prevention and clean-up. Check back soon to see details about our first event!


Environmental Stewardship?

Rather than merely explaining the importance of environment stewardship, let us show you! Come join us at our local event, participate in one of our research projects or simply send us a message to ask how you can get involved. Sign up to meet the passionate and committed members of your local community who have made it their mission to protect and conserve our local environment.  Before you know it, you'll be an environmental steward too!

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