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Upcoming Events

Ryan Solow, Rebecah Delp, Katelyn McGuigan, volunteering for Evolution of Darwin Beach, planting native sea oats

Evolution of Darwin Beach

Interested in a vegetation removal and beach cleanup?

Contact us at to see if we can host an event for your group!

Volunteers will help remove and document non-native and exotic plant species, as well as cleanup marine debris!

For more information on what we do, click HERE.

Sarah Beggerly and Analisa Duran during NEST program for sea turtle nesting survey, in collaboration with Frost
Frost Science Logo

NEST Excavation for Sea Turtles (NEST) Program

2023 Virginia Key Sea Turtle Season Has Come to an End!

Check back in next season! (~May 2024)

NEST is a new, limited-edition program available during the summer in partnership with the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science (Frost Science).

Participants will learn about sea turtle conservation through a hands-on activity, nature walk on Virginia Key Beach and observing a nest excavation, an opportunity to look inside a sea turtle nest after it hatches.

Nest excavations take place three days after a sea turtle nest hatches and can only be completed by a person authorized by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. The Frost Science Education Team will talk guests through the process and purpose of a nest excavation while we excavate the nest (under permit #153).

Register by visiting 

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