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The Miami Foundation's 

Give Miami Day is Here

and will continue for 24 hours ONLY!

For more information on how to donate and/or where your donation goes, click on the link below...

Your Donation Will Support

Maddie Kaufman of Debris Free Oceans, volunteering for sea turtle nesting survey

Sea Turtle Nesting Surveys

This program costs around $15,000, which covers the cost of survey supplies, nesting materials, fuel and maintenance for the UTV,  and research efforts.

CASP training with UAVs (drones) at Dolphin Research Center (DRC) in Key Largo

Cetacean Aerial Surveys

This program costs around $15,000, which covers the cost of survey supplies, drone equipment and maintenance, boat fuel and travel reimbursements.

Charles McGuigan, Rosential Ph.D. graduate, volunteering for Evolution of Darwin Beach

Darwin Beach Restoration

This program typically costs around $5,000, but our goal in 2024 is to remove the large Australian Pines on Darwin Beach. The cost is ~$45,000.

Kirk Linaje, Shannon Jones, TJ Morrell, co-founders of MORAES at Give Miami Day at Harry's Pizzeria in Coconut Grove
MOREAES sea turtle volunteering marking nest

Education, Outreach, Internship Stipends and Scholarships

As a local non-profit, we strive to reach the South Florida community and inspire marine scientists. Your donations will go towards outreach events, stipends for interns, and enhancement of educational tools.

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