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MORAES Scientific Publications and Presentations

March 2023 - Presentation at International Marine Animal Trainers Association/Animal Behavior Management Alliance
Citation: Guarino, E., Haddock, A., McMullen, C., Brignac, S., Jaakkola, K., & Linaje, K. (2023, March). Dolphins In Facilities Are Instrumental In Developing Field Research Techniques. Poster presented at the 2023 joint meeting of the International Marine Animal Trainers Association and the Animal Behavior Management Alliance, Atlanta, GA.
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August 2022 - Presentation at the Biennial Conference on Biology of Marine Mammals
Citation: Guarino, E., Frye, A., Hill, C., Beal, A., & Linaje, K. Cetacean Aerial Survey Project. 24th Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammal. Palm Beach, FL. August 2022.
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